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Morgan Cabins and Cottages - Cottages, Guest Houses, Hunting and Fishing Lodges Fully Finished, Insulated, Electrically Wired, Fixtures, and Bathrooms
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Morgan cottages are designed to fit on narrow lots or back
yard of a larger home. Can be used as rental, guest cottage,
elder cottage, separate home office or a residence for that
returning college student to stay until they get settled.

Small size and quality construction make for extremely low
maintenance and high efficiency.

Floor plans can be adapted from one large room to several.

Pressure Treated Skid System for Portability

delivered to your Site

Custom design is free and done by Morgan’s own engineers. Just tell your Morgan sales person what you need.
We offer an infinite variety of shapes, colors, sizes and styles and will design and build just what you want.

(Available Custom Finished Out or Shell)
Stock sizes from 12’ x 16’ to 16’ x 48’ or larger.

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